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16" Wild Monkey with Sound


16" Wild Monkey with Sound



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16" Smiling Sock Monkey


The sock monkeys are fun, colorful and express the creativity of the American homestead in the 19th and 20th centuries. When the pace of living was slower and the family elders had the time to illustrate and practice Benjamin Franklin's famous quotation "a penny saved is a penny earned", to that end the sock monkey was the perfect example. The sock monkey makes a wonderful gift for young toddlers. Collect them all

Whether you are looking for a delightful memento of a special trip or favorite spot, or need a cuddly gift, Harvey Hutter offers hundreds of plush animals for your selection. Many of our animal products come with sound, most in a variety of colors, and all with our signature embroidered T-shirt.

The embroidery on our animal t-shirts exceeds the standard thread count, which gives our t-shirts a rich, colorful look. Select from the large number of T-shirt designs already available, or contact us for custom designs. We can use your artwork or create a design for you.

Everybody needs a monkey

And ours come with sound!

Harvey Hutter's high quality, plush monkeys are sure to supply hours of enjoyment. Each comes ready to emit the monkey cry of the wild. Simply press on the red button on the monkey's tummy marked "Press Here", to activate the sound transmitter. You can choose from many colors.